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Mitzi Brooks

On March 17, I made the decision to sell my house and stay with my current job.  I was referred to Chris Forga by my best friend.  On Saturday, March 24, I was working to get my house ready.  My friends were with me helping and I had an appointment to meet with Chris before we left that day.  We were finishing up when a Harley Davidson came around the corner and it wasn’t until it stopped at my house that I realized it was Chris.  She immediately brought a positive energy with her and her professionalism didn’t overshadow what a warm and caring person she is.  I felt so good when I headed home that day.  Chris asked me what I wanted to make, looked around the house while talking to me, took some pictures, and listed on Monday, March 26.  Talking with Chris put me at ease, because I knew she had my best interest as a priority.  We closed my house Thursday, April 19 – less than a month later.  I got what she promised and I never had to worry about what needed to be done next!

 Kudos to Chris!

Thanks for making my first house sell a great one!!!

Greg Slavik, VP Sales
FedEx Services

I have owned a home in the Villages of Plott Creek housing subdivision outside of Waynesville N.C.  for over 5 years.  My wife and I decided to rent it about 3 ½ years ago.  I cannot remember how I found Chris Forga but I can tell you that our relationship has been one of great respect and trust ever since finding her.  I have yet to meet Chris but she has handled this rental property with professionalism, knowledge, assistance and great results for almost 4 years now. All of our transactions have been over the phone, email or FedEx.

I trust her to keep the place perfect and everything in working order, I  also trust her to find me good tenants who will take care of the house and treat it like their own home. Her handling of all our transactions have been stellar in my opinion, she keeps me aware of the real estate market in Western N.C., she keeps the house rented, the checks arrive timely each month to me in Harrison Arkansas, and she gives me good counsel about our needs be it maintenance, upkeep or possible new tenants.

My wife and I have been real estate junkies for many many years and dealing with Chris Forga has been a true pleasure and we highly recommend her to anyone that needs her services.

           Greg Slavik

John Basel and

Dr. Linda Patton

Chris Forga has represented my wife and me in several Real Estate Transactions, both as a seller and a buyer.  Chris has done an exceptional job of representing us.  She was able to bring us a buyer within one week of our house going on the market.   Chris is a local to Waynesville and has a great knowledge of the local market.  We were very pleased and would recommend her to future sellers and buyers.

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